About Me!

I've known from an early age that I absolutely love reading. The moment I open up a new book I know that I'm going to be entering a new world where I can learn about new people and their personalities. I get to experience new adventures. Which of course works perfectly for me because I don't take risks and I'm an absolute wuss. ;)

Once I got older, I was reading a whole lot more. Now, I'm gushing about books to my friends, and recommending them. I get my urge to correct grammar and spelling FROM reading. I have a larger vocabulary because I'm reading so many new words.

Then, in early February of 2011, my mom told me that I should start a review blog. I decided to try it out. Now, I'm so glad I did. I think about books in different ways than I did before I reviewed. I have to actually think about the book afterwards. It gives you a whole new understanding of the book. Before I reviewed I never sat down and said, "What did I like and not like about this book?" I just either liked it or I didn't. Reviewing has made reading, for me, so much more enjoyable.

If you read my reviews regularly you'll notice I use words like super, absolutely, definitely, etc. And that's just my personality, always exaggerating things. ;) I also say things like Oh my gravy, what the crust, and for cereal. Because I'm a dork like that. I hope you enjoy what I review and have a fun time browsing my blog! This isn't a stuffy review blog where you get bored. I assure you my craziness is far from boring.

I also hope you know that this blog is mostly filled with 5 "diva crown" reviews because I like reviewing books that I can recommend to people. Not books that I don't want people to read. I find it more enjoyable to write about books I loved. If I didn't like the book, I won't review it. So, if you don't like reading reviews only about books the reviewer liked, then this won't be your kind of blog. Yes, there will be an occasional somewhat negative review, but they're pretty sparse.