Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cover Reveal/Author interview: There by Denise Grover Swank!

I'm super excited to reveal this cover to you! Not only because it's my Mother's book but because I absolutely love it! I've read the early version of THERE and LOVED IT! I can't wait until it comes out so all of you can read it to!

If anyone wants to see a reference to the book cover of the first book, HERE, here it is:

So without further ado, the cover reveal of THERE!

***drum roll, please...****


The front:

And the back: 

Isn't it FANTABULOUUUUUS? I love it... I got super excited when my Momma sent me a picture of it  when I was at school. ;) It pays to have a mother who's an author.

I also interviewed my Momma and asked her a couple of questions about the cover!


*Who is the cover designer and how did you find her?*

Nathalia Suellen created the cover for both HERE and THERE. I knew I wanted a more artistic cover than I had used for my two previous books. So I searched around the internet and found  Nathalia on Deviant Art. I emailed her about purchasing a picture she had in her gallery to use for the cover of HERE. She told me it would be less expensive to create one from scratch, so we did. I LOVE Nathalia’s work. I highly recommend you visit her website  or on Deviant Art

*How much say did you have in the cover design of THERE?*

While I gave Nathalia a general direction and idea about what I wanted for HERE’s cover, I had a lot of input on the design concept for THERE.

*What did you incorporate from the cover of HERE to the cover of THERE?*

I’d been thinking about the cover for THERE for several months before I approached Nathalia about starting the designing process. I knew I wanted Julia on the cover and I wanted her in a puddle of water, like she is in HERE. I liked the barren forest on HERE because it reflected Julia’s world (It was fall and the leaves were falling) and Evan’s world (The trees were dead) and I wanted another barren background. I wanted the two boys on the cover again, but I wanted them on separate sides.

*Are there any elements of symbolism in the cover of THERE?*

There’s quite a bit of symbolism on the cover of THERE. On the cover of HERE, Julia is looking down and in a white dress, but on THERE, she’s in a black dress and looking the opposite direction, in a more active stance. She was depressed and trying to find her way in HERE, but in THERE she’s more proactive and tries to take more control of her situation. She’s moving toward the danger and toward Reece and Evan.
The puddle of water on both covers symbolizes the joining of both worlds, the reflection symbolizes both Julias being present at the same time. Julia’s reflection on HERE is her white dress, but on THERE, her dress is black and the reflection is her white dress. In THERE, the other Julia’s memories begin bleed in hers. The reflection of the opposite shows 1) Julia is not the same girl she was in her world—she’s stronger and 2) she’s slowly losing herself to the Julia of Evan’s world.
The ruins in the background represent Evan’s world, but it also represents Julia’s life. It’s falling apart around her.
The storm brewing beyond the ruins represents the chaos in Julia’s life as well as the chaos of the world she’s now living in.


THERE will be released December 24th so make sure to watch out for that! If you haven't read HERE, the ebook is on sale for 99 cents until Friday, November 30th! So if you're lookin' for a bargain there's your chance!

OR you can enter to win one of five autographed print copies of HERE in a Goodreads giveaway!

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Hope your days is filled with *SPARKLES!*


Denise Grover Swank said...

Thank you so much for interviewing me about the cover!!! And I LOVED getting your excited text back after I sent you the cover!

Writing In Laton said...

The cover is GORGEOUS!!!!! I am so excited for THERE! Great interview and insight into the cover. I love that you can see the white dress in the reflection.
Deven :)

Heather said...

Wow, just WOW. I love it! Congrats on a beautiful cover Denise! I can hardly wait to read this one.