Saturday, 26 May 2012

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik (Allie's Review)

So this week I read a book that Jewelz recommended to me: Epic Fail. This book is amazing, the romance had me swooning, the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, and the end definitely left me happy.

Elise was one of those characters that you just wish you could be, ya know? She was hilarious and easygoing. She made me wish I was more cynical just so I could have the same absurd look on situations. (sadly, I could never be cynical, I'm too much of a romantic... disappointing, no?) She definitely had her problems though. Such as being a little bit full of herself thinking she was above liking someone (a very hot someone..) just because everyone else did. But throughout the book she learns from that mistake, apologizes, and grows as a person because of it. Also, she had me seeing some weaknesses in her hard shell of cynicism... One in particular is my least favorite and favorite character: Derek Edwards.

Ah Derek. Despite being a mega-douche in the beginning of the book he is definitely.... Well swoon worthy and adorable. Towards the beginning of the book Elise said something about not wanting to date someone like herself... That definitely backfired on her. He's the male version of Elise except he is much much much much much more guarded. Considering everything that he goes through on a regular basis, I don't blame him. An added bonus for me and one of the reasons I loved and hated him so much was the fact that he was hot. Like eggs cooking on the sidewalk hot. Sizzling. Smoking. Whatever you want to call it, he was beautiful. And in the beginning of the book being hot was the only reason I wasn't hoping he would get hit by a bus. He redeemed himself from being a total butt-hole right around the part when he asked Elise to semiformal. He then promptly became a douche again and remained that way until the night on the field trip to the beach. That night he went from being my least favorite character to being number freaking one.

And then there was Webster. Webster Slimeball Grant. (may or may not be his actual title) It was sad because I really liked him... Up until I started questioning his motives. But in the end he was a butt-munching, crust face, who doesn't deserve to live. You'll see when you read it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever been the new kid at school, wondered about what a celebrity's life is like, or ...well breathes. Yeah it was that good. 5/5 "diva" mustaches!

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