Monday, 12 September 2011

Divergent by Veronica Roth (Review)

Genre: Dystopian
Number of Pages: 489
For ages 13+

"Beatrice "Tris" Prior has reached the fateful age of sixteen, the stage at which teenagers in Veronica Roth's dystopian Chicago must select which of five factions to join for life. Each faction represents a virtue: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. To the surprise of herself and her selfless Abnegation family, she chooses Dauntless, the path of courage. Her choice exposes her to the demanding, violent initiation rites of this group, but it also threatens to expose a personal secret that could place in mortal danger. Veronica Roth's young adult Divergent trilogy launches with a captivating adventure about love and loyalty playing out under most extreme circumstances." -Goodreads

*Excuse the late post, I went homecoming dress shopping yesterday *EEP!* and then I went to a cupcake party LITERALLY right after.*

I first found out about this book when my Mother, she's always the one to introduce me to awesome books, had the ARC. Now I was being plain SILLY and decided that I didn't want to read it because I read the first of the pages and didn't like it. I'm telling you right now that I was being a senseless girl, because this book was utterly fantastic.

Starting out with the main character. In this book our main character has two names. Beatrice, in the beginning, Tris, later. I sincerely LOVE HER. I know I say this about many main characters but, in all honesty, it's true. It's awesome how we can have a load of books with fantastic characters. It gives us so much variety. Back to Tris. She was pretty much the exact opposite of what I am, which makes reading books like this so much more fun. I get to experience something that I would never experience in real life because I'm too much of a wuss! ;) She comes from Abnegation, the selfless faction, and has to choose whether to stay or go to a different faction. Leaving your faction is looked down upon. It's pretty much like your betraying your family and all of the beliefs you've grown up with. I thought Tris was EXTREMELY brave to go from a selfless non-confrontational life, to a violent, always dangerous life style. It's a drastic change to what Tris has lived in all her life.

I've been kind of iffy on dystopian novels, lately. It seems like it's been the "IT" genre these days. So I'm, unfortunately, not always looking forward to them. This, was not a disappointment, though!

The romance, oh the romance! Four, he's quite the catch. Quite the catch. (I had to repeat that, I just love that phrase. It was also meant to emphasize my statement.) If you look on your right, I feel like a flight attendant or a tour guide, you will see that I have already placed Four's wondrous name on my swoon worthy list. 'Tis true, 'tis true. This boy has theoretically, "swept me off my feet." No joke. I kept wanting to tweet, "I'M SWOONING OVER HERE!" The chemistry between Four and Tris was absolutely MAGICAL!

I give Divergent, 5 out of 5 diva crowns. I love it when books turn out so AWESOME! I think everyone should... If not they're just plain crazy. I recommend this book to all romance/ dystopian/ adventure book lovers. It was pure awesome-ness.


Lori M. Lee said...

I loved this book! I'm so glad to see you did too :D

Natalie Aguirre said...

My daughter and I loved this too. I loved the romance between Tris & Four because it moved slower and for me, that was sweeter. Thanks for the great review.

Jewelz said...

Thank you both for reading! :) Natalie-- that was a part that I loved, too! :)