Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Keepers (Review) by Monique O'Connor James

Genre: Paranormal
Number of Pages: 344
For ages 13+

"Jess denies God. In his infinite wisdom, he’s taken everyone she’s ever loved. Moving to the French Quarter was a ploy to erase the guilt she felt for rebuking her faith. Perhaps, if she hadn’t met Justin, an angel preoccupied with getting back into God’s good graces, and drowning in his hatred for humanity, her plan would have worked. Justin’s general disdain for the human race makes him difficult to like, but some higher power has appointed him her keeper. Justin’s convinced he can mend her broken relationship with her maker, but in the process he learns a thing or two about his own humanity. Never mind falling in love, that’s not supposed to happen. In fact, it may even be forbidden. Jess just wants Justin to understand her plight, and he wants to protect her from a world she doesn’t know. If neither are equipped to save the other, then whose soul will live and whose will perish?" -Goodreads

*This ebook was given to me for an honest review.*

The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James was a FANTASTIC book. I had just put up my "contact me" page and a day later I had a request. You have no idea how excited I was. I was just nonchalantly reading my email while my friend,Megan, was over and I see I have a request. I seriously started screaming, which did scare Megan. ;) So.. not only was it my first request but it was an AWESOME book. Awesome all around.

From page one I was hooked. It starts with Jess at her mothers funeral. Jess had had so much hurt in her life, and so much death. I really felt her pain. I know how it is to lose a parent, so it was something her and I had in common. I felt a special "bond" with Jess because of her hurt. That's why Jess, out of a lot of YA characters, touched me the most.

Justin was one cute angel. If you look at my list on the right, you'll see I have already added him to my "swoon worthy boy characters list." He's quite the stubborn guy, I have to say. But he's well worth it. I love Jess and Justin's relationship with each other. They're always bickering, but at the end of the day they still love each other. I think that they are perfect for each other. <3

One thing that I think kind of threw me off was, three of the characters had their name start with, J. It confused me at the beginning of the book because I didn't know if Jess's brother's name was Jordan or Justin, but I did finally figure it out and all was well.

I definitely suggest you should get this book. It was a FANTABULOUS read. Yes, fantabulous. I love that word. Sometimes my stereotypical teenage girl needs to come out, okay?! Anyways, I highly recommend this book for paranormal romance lovers. It has all of the things I look for in a paranormal romance and then some. So, therefore, I give this book 5 out of 5 diva crowns. :)


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