Monday, 26 December 2011

Bridger by Megan Curd (Review)

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Number of Pages: Unknown
For ages 13+

"Ashlyn McVean doesn’t believe in fairy tales. That is, until Ashlyn is thrown into the crosshairs of grudges her grandmother created long ago. After finding out she is one of two people able to cross between faerie realms, Ashlyn is faced with trying to understand her abilities, along with navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend, Liam. As if being on a centuries old hit list and dealing with crazed pixies isn’t enough, her new abilities mean trouble for Liam. Knowing her new life puts everyone she loves in danger, Ashlyn must decide what’s most important in her life between friends, family, love, and ultimately, realms." -Goodreads

My apologies for not posting yesterday! I got a Kindle Fire. Something I have been wanting for a WHILE and have been begging to get. I was pretty much hypnotized with that the whole day. So I pretty much resorted to reading all day. Oh how I love winter break. <3

I had read this book when I was in about sixth grade. This was before I was a reviewer and before this book was even published. My mom knew Megan,the author, and told Megan I loved to read. So I beta read it for her. I loved it then and I still love it now. It's absolutely phenomenal.

By the first couple of pages, you know that Ashlynn is going to be a pretty strong main character. And by the end you are attached to this girl. And you know, there's no going back now. I liked how Ashlynn wasn't over confident. She had an innocent side to her that didn't make her seem cocky. I also LOVED the relationship between her and Memaw once they finally progressed. What can I say? I loved this book.

The romance in this book was FANTABULOUUUSSSSSS. Liam is to. die. for. He and Ashlynn make the perfect couple. And while I did hate him for a little while, (can't tell you why until you read it!) by the end, I was lovin' him again. He's not your average male character. He has black hair and bright blue eyes, and he's irish! I don't know what it is but it seems to me male characters with accents get to us girls. Liam was the perfect gentleman and treated Ashlynn right. It also helps that he is her sworn protector. *SWOOONNNN*

Megan was also great about tension. She kept you at the edge of your seat. And instead of the fight scenes being plain boring because, what can I say, those aren't my favorite scenes, she made them actually really interesting to read. Ashlynn is one bootie kickin' machine.

Another character I REALLY liked was Ashlynn's memaw, or Emily. She was a great mentor to Ashlynn who really helped her understand who she really was. She taught her what she needed to know and made things easier on her. I also LOVED Reese, Ashlynn's guy best friend. He's the only one of her human friends who can actually tell him about her situation. He's one of those characters that helps the main character deal with all of their crud.

I give this book 5 out of 5 diva crowns! It was fantastic. I recommend this book to all paranormal or fantasy romance lovers.


Also, even though this has NOTHING to do with this post whatsoever, I just wanted to post this song on here since I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. It's called Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift for the sound track for the new movie The Hunger Games. I'm so stinkin' excited for that movie, by the way.

I may do this from time to time. Just to show you guys what songs have been going through my mind non-stop that week. Thanks for reading! :)


KreagReads said...

This book sounds awesome! Great review Jewelz! And that song!!! 0_o I bought it earlier this week and have listened to it nonstop! Love it! The movie is gonna be amazing!

Heather said...

Yay for getting a Kindle Fire, that's awesome! And I've been wondering about this book. The cover really drew me in and I love the idea of it. Thanks for the review!

Jewelz said...

Thanks for reading everyone! :)