Sunday, 12 June 2011

How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston (ARC Review)

Unfortunately, since this IS an ARC there is no cover online for me to get for this!

Genre: Contemporary
Number of Pages(ARC):294
For ages 12+

"In the story, an eighth grade Queen Bee, after finding herself dropped in Loserland, realizes it is time to reap the bad karma she has sown." -Goodreads

Since this IS an ARC I can't really use the summary on the back of the book because they may change it for the original! And Goodreads doesn't really give you much to get to know the book from. I'm going to TRY to summarize this for you better. BUT I am terrible at it. So... brace yourself.

Kacey Simon is one popular, snobbish, amazingly pretty girl that all of us girls would KILL to be. She's also sometimes a little TO honest. Suddenly, all of that changes when she gets an eye infection and has to wear hideous glasses and then get braces. On top of it all her braces give her a littthsp! Now, she has to give up her star roll, her "reporting career",and her friends.. who she then realizes weren't really that good of friends from the start. Kacey has to learn who her true friends are and if being popular is really all it's "cracked up to be" in How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston.

Oh. My. GOODNESS. This book was SPECTACULAR! My mom got me this ARC when she was at the BEA conference! She got LOADS of ARCs! Now, if you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I'm not the biggest fan of contemporary. Especially, when the main form of it isn't romance. 'Cause ya know... I love my contemporary romance. ;) This book literally blew my mind.

Kacey was one of the main characters that you really didn't like at the beginning and then all of a sudden, BAM! you love her and have sympathy towards her. You could really tell how she changed as a person thoroughly through this book. She had choices where I literally had to set the book down and take a deep breath to keep from screaming, "DON'T DO IT!" That's a good thing in my book. I want to be involved. And you should be.

I'm not the skinny jeans rock band type.. but MAN I love Zander. He was so sweet and understanding! When everyone thought that Kacey's glasses and braces were a huge turn off, he didn't mind. Now, THAT'S an awesome guy!

I only have ONE piece of criticism and that was that the ending came a little too fast. About the last three pages everything got resolved. I wish it would have been a little less rushed and there was more time to fix everything. I do think, though that it ended so fast because there will be a second book. So HOORAY! There's a second book!

I was utterly blown away with this book. I usually don't like contemporary especially when it isn't contemporary romance. I absolutely can not wait for the next book! I give this book 5 out of 5 diva crowns! This book comes out on September 5th 2011! So you better get it! It is a book that you HAVE to get!


Denise Grover Swank said...

I can't WAIT to read this book!!! Thanks for the review!

Trisha Leigh said...

Interesting, J! And I think your summary was really nice. I'm definitely going to recommend this one to my cousins now, I wasn't sure before I read your review. Great job :)

Jewelz said...

Thank you! I was very surprised on my summary! ;) I'm glad I could help you! Thanks for reading!