Sunday, 15 May 2011

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (Review)

Genre: Contemporary
Number of Pages (Paperback): 259
For ages 13+ for some strong language

"In a single moment, everything changes. Seventeen-year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow-wet Oregon road with her family. Then, in a blink, she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck...

A sophisticated, layered, and heartachingly beautiful story about the power of family and friends, the choices we all make—and the ultimate choice Mia commands." -Goodreads

If I stay by Gayle Forman....Wow. All I can say is, "Wow." This book was amazingly good, I can't even describe it. Normally I can't be entertained or "hooked" by just plain contemporary, unless of course it's contemporary romance, but I was surprisingly turning pages for more.

Mia, is the main character in this book. Usually when you think about whether or not you would want to live or die you would choose the choice of living. But in this book, if you were Mia, there are so many pros and cons for both. Gayle, the author, does a fantastic job with your idea of what Mia should do. At the beginning of the book I had my mind set. Mia should live. But when she faces all of these obstacles, my mind was running in circles. I would go from one decision to the other in seconds.

For everyone who plans on reading this book. I'm going to tell you upfront that I suggest you read this book in a not-so-public place. You'll be bawling. I'm not one to cry when watching movies or while reading a book, so if the case does come to me crying, it's pretty stinking good from my perspective. My mom was very surprised when I was discussing the book with her friend to find out that YES, I did cry, multiple times. See, Mother? My heart is not made of stone. I was so involved in this book, I couldn't help but cry through all of the struggles and decisions's Mia had to make.

I was so FLIPPING glad that there was romance in this book. That was probably why I gave this book the extra star. Because, this book had every single thing I love in a book. Don't get me wrong, the book would still have been pretty fantabulous (Sorry, stereotypical teenager coming out) without the romance, but the romance added even more amazing-ness to the book. I just have to say, Adam will be added to my "Swoon Worthy Boy Character" list. If you haven't seen it it's on the sidebar of my blog. Told ya I would make a list. ;D

This book is definitely a must read. I am hoping to get the sequel maybe, possibly, tonight. (I'm hoping my brother can take me after he gets off from work. He's usually the one to take me.) :D
This book had everything I would ever want in a book and more. I also have to say, my Glee songs went perfectly with this book. Even though it had nothing to do with this book what so ever, it set the mood. :D

I give this book 5 out of 5 diva crowns, and not a crown less. This book was perfectly sad, and heartwarming at the same time. This book really makes you think about life in a different perspective. What if your loved one could hear you when they were unconscious? What if what you said to them could determine whether or not they chose to live or die?


Kristen said...

Dude. You are SOOOO right about NOT reading this book in public. I was already gross due to the flu while reading, but after I finished I was a hot mess. Oh the things this book did to me.

You should read the sequel WHERE SHE WENT. So good, I just finished it the other day :).

Awesome review as usual!

Jewelz said...

Ha ha ha! I KNOW! I am hoping to buy the book tonight after my brother gets home! I heard it was REALLY good! :D

Jewelz said...

And Thank you! :D

Natalie Aguirre said...

Great review. I'm embarrassed I haven't read anything by Gayle Forman yet. Thanks for inspiring me.

Jewelz said...

So glad I could inspire you :) I was hoping my school book fair would have the sequel but.. no such luck.

Brasil said...

Gayle Forman's writing was breath-takingly real and emotionally driven. The picture she paints makes you feel like your living Mia's every move, and every page broke my heart a little more. If you have not read If I stay yet, don't be stupid like me and READ IT NOW!! I cannot wait to get my hands on Where She Went, and I believe this book has been sold to be made into a movie and I don't even think this book needs a movie. Gayle's writing made me feel like i've already watched the movie because her writing was so vivid and intense.